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If you’ve been looking for the right company to provide the best quality hardscaping work for your property with excellent materials and affordable pricing, you’ve found it – VanCity Retaining Walls is on your team!

Retaining Walls Experts

Most people consider the interior of a home as the most important element of a property, but having a beautiful and functional exterior is also key to a happy home.

Landscaping and hardscaping go hand in hand even though they are quite different. We are the go-to pros in the Vancouver area for all of your hardscaping needs, including retaining walls and paving. We specialize in the following areas of hardscape:


If you’re looking to realize the outdoor space of your dreams and take your property to the next level in terms of functionality, curb appeal, and value, VanCity Retaining Walls can help check all of your boxes and deliver the best-quality projects in the Vancouver area!
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Dedicated Hardscape Professionals

VanCity Retaining Walls is dedicated to providing you with the highest caliber hardscape jobs and retaining walls not only to protect your property in the long term but also to offer you spaces that you can use and enjoy.

With so many options in terms of design and materials, VanCity Retaining Walls will be there every step of the way to make sure that your every need is met and that you’re completely thrilled with your hardscape project.

We offer a team of retaining wall installers that are of the highest expertise that always aims to make the process enjoyable and seamless. With over 30 years of experience, our retaining wall contractors know all of the ins and outs of hardscaping so that you can get the job done right the first time!

Retaining walls, driveway paving, and patio paving may seem overwhelming at first, but VanCity Retaining Walls is dedicated to making the process attainable and provide you with outdoor space that will last for years to come.


VanCity Retaining Walls

With years of experience in the North Vancouver area, we specialize in retaining wall construction, retaining wall installation, retaining wall replacement, patio paving, driveway paving, and much more!

Our knowledge allows us to create the optimal projects for you in the Vancouver area because we know exactly what type of materials and construction works best with the specific demands of Vancouver’s terrain and climate.

Our main goal is that our retaining wall contractors deliver you the best work possible and an outdoor renovation or construction that you are absolutely excited about.


Top provider of hardscaping work

VanCity Retaining Walls is without a doubt the top provider of hardscaping work in the Vancouver area and work according to a variety of standards:


A non-negotiable for us is to ensure that everything is safe and secure, not only during your project but after we leave the property. Safety is key and our knowledgeable team has all of the skills to implement the safest methods with the highest quality of equipment available in the field.


You are as active as you want to be your project and we are happy to include you from beginning to end. We are not a one-sided company—this is your home or property, and we are excited to work with you to the highest capacity.


We want to provide our clients with an open line of communication so that they feel comfortable and confident asking for anything that they need and that they are a part of the collaborative process.


Another pillar of our services is for us to make sure all of your needs are met and are beyond willing to work with you to the highest degree possible. If you have something you need, we are here for you from design to construction to completion!

Customer Service

Every client is a part of our family here at VanCity Retaining Walls and we want you to feel that way! Our job is not only to provide you with excellent hardscaping work but also to make the process enjoyable.

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What We Offer

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls serve many different purposes on a property; they may be completely functional in order to prevent erosion, or they may be a mix of both creating usable space as well as preventing small levels of erosion.
VanCity Retaining Walls offers retaining wall installers for the following projects:

There are plenty of options that can suit your particular job and provide you with a retaining wall for your property that maybe you’ve never even considered before. All the different types of retaining walls that our retaining wall contractors can construct are durable and safe for your property.

We will work with you to select the retaining wall that makes the most sense for your project and help keep your property safe and secure from any sloping or potential damages that may be incurred by the landscape. Keeping your property safe, secure, and visually appealing is the primary goal of our retaining wall installers and we deliver on that promise every single time.

Driveway Pavers

Your driveway is one of the first things that someone will notice about your property and if it’s beginning to lift or disintegrate it will create a big eyesore and also a hazard for anyone arriving at your property.

VanCity Retaining Walls also offer expert driveway paving to keep your property looking completely pristine as well as avoid any tripping hazards or potential falls that could be caused by a faulty driveway.

In addition to driveways, we can create incredible walkways and pathways that will go hand in hand with your driveway project to create curb appeal as well as a safe and secure way for people to enter your property. We will discuss more materials and options on our services page; we are so excited to discuss your driveway paving options!


Patios are the pride and joy of all types of properties, and they can offer enjoyable and practical usable spaces that look great and create memories for years to come. VanCity Retaining Walls are pros at creating the outdoor space you’ve already wanted.

We can create astounding patios with materials like paved concrete, stamped concrete, and asphalt. You’ll see at the end of your patio paving project that your home had more potential than you could have envisioned!

You’ll be making memories and enjoying your time outside like never before. Let us help you to get your patio paving project on the way; patio projects are a great extension to retaining walls and these projects often go hand in hand for optimal outdoor space functionality.


VanCity Retaining Walls

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Every single service we offer is designed with you in mind as the center of our work. We want you to be extremely excited and satisfied with your final result, of course, but also with the whole profess that our retaining wall contractors provide.

You are an active collaborator to the extent you want to be—we love to work with you and tailor our work to your needs.
If you’re ready to learn more about our services and are ready to take a look at the potential job options for your hardscaping project, reach out to us today via phone or email and we’re happy to get started.

Our estimates and consultations are no commitment and no pressure, so you can feel comfortable to contact us without expectations. No matter if your job is a simple retaining wall or a full outdoor renovation, we are ready to tackle it!

What our client says

Vancity Retaining Walls impressively installed concrete block wall with drainage. They are hard working guys who got the job done in less than a week. Very respectful and methodical with stacking the heavy blocks. Job well done!
Maximus Evans
Maximus Evans
They installed a new retaining wall at our residence here in Vancouver, BC, to secure the foundation of our home, and they did an excellent job. The workers are very quick and precise, and clean. They used new technology to finish the job quickly, so I was impressed with their work. Highly recommended!!
Jay Byung
Jay Byung
Was looking to get advice on options for a new retaining wall and about the process. Got great help and advice. I will certainly reach back following on their advice.
john B
john B
We are very satisfied with their work that was done to our small yard that took a single day. Punctual and courteous. I would use them again for any future work that comes up.
Ping You
Ping You
I replaced my staircase in the back of my house and in the process I got some paving done. It was difficult to find any landscaping company that would return my call so I was glad they showed up and gave an estimate and delivered as promised. I will call again in the future when I have additional work on my house.
D Baek
D Baek
Our retaining wall project completed earlier in the year turned out great. We wanted a new wall that would last longer than the previous railroad tie wall and we ended up going with blocks. We really like the new look and our awesome experience.
Frank Adams
Frank Adams
Vancity Retaining Walls installed a nice block retaining wall and patio for my family. They removed the old wall that was long overdue and they also excavated to level out the yard. I appreciated their attention to detail. I can say the process went better than I could have imagined.
Robert Bradstock
Robert Bradstock
I am impressed with the finished retaining wall in my yard and the professional service from Vancity Retaining Walls. All my questions were answered thoroughly which made me comfortable.
Sujith Sunil
Sujith Sunil
You did a great job replacing my rotten railroad tie retaining wall. I am very satisfied with the outcome.