Do You Need A Retaining Wall: Pros And Cons – VanCity

Home Unfortunately, not every home in Vancouver was constructed on a perfectly level lot. Our hilly terrain and slopes create a challenge for both maintaining and preserving the soil. It’s also difficult to design a landscaping plan for the slopes and slants, and the effort to maintain an even supply of water pretty much anywhere […]

Why Do You Need a Retaining Wall? Top 3 Reasons

Home Retaining walls are a common landscaping feature in commercial, residential, and industrial projects. There is a wide variety of retaining walls to meet various needs, and they can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. With such varied applications, it is easy to pass by retaining walls without even noticing them. While retaining walls are everywhere, […]

Building A Retaining Wall Made Easy

Home When retaining walls first started to be constructed, people thought they were revolutionary, and they still are to this day. They are an incredible part of construction and engineering that helps to produce beautiful landscapes. Flat areas transform into a terrace or patio in no time using retaining walls. Also, some of the most […]