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VanCity Retaining Walls is a true one-stop shop for all of your hardscaping needs, and we also offer complete excavation work so that you can get all of your needs met from one company instead of having to work with a bunch of different companies to get the job done. Our experts know exactly how to provide you with the best excavation services and will get your property looking better than ever in no time. We have over 15 years of experience in excavation and hardscaping. We can excavate and complete full outdoor renovation projects with ease! Our services for excavation include:

Expert Excavators

We love a big job, and we are prepared to tackle anything that comes our way no matter the size or requirements. Our excavation services are completely professional, and all of our team members are fully trained and licensed in all areas of work that we provide.

You don’t have to waste time playing tag with a bunch of different companies—VanCity Retaining Walls has all of the bases covered.

Our professional experts will oversee all elements of excavation and we have all of the top-quality machinery and tools needed to provide a simple and reputable excavation service.