Retaining Walls

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Retaining Walls

If you want a retaining wall that is going to last you for years and years without worrying about failure or future repairs, VanCity Retaining Walls are the retaining wall contractors for you. We understand the immense amount of pressure that a retaining wall is under and we have the expertise and equipment to do it right the first time.

Our retaining wall installers are pros not only at retaining wall installation but also at driveway and patio paving, as well as fencing; we’ll discuss retaining walls on this page and you can visit our paving services page for more details on paving. Even if you’re just looking for one single project for your property and not a complete outdoor renovation, VanCity Retaining Walls is ready and willing to help. We work on projects of all shapes and sizes.

In this section you’ll find all of the information about retaining walls, from design to installation and replacement as well.

VanCity Retaining Walls works to provide you with retaining walls that are going to be durable and eye-catching for years to come so that you won’t have to worry about any future failures or instabilities. Our retaining wall contractors do it right the first time for your safety and satisfaction!


One of the most exciting parts of building a retaining wall is the design element. There can be so many different possibilities when you are installing a retaining wall and we are here to help you throughout the design process and material selection.

We offer 100% support in all different elements of design for retaining walls, including:


It’s vital to take all of these points into consideration in order for our retaining wall installers to produce the best work possible, and we have all the tools and knowledge to assess your project from the beginning. We always work to create a retaining wall that will truly stand the test of time while still taking advantage of all usable space possibilities for your property.
Not only that, but we are also experts of the North Vancouver area so we can properly plan for and assess all of the unique needs of the Vancouver terrain and climate; these factors affect your retaining wall over time, so proper planning can help elongate the lifespan of your retaining walls.
This also helps to avoid failure in the future and extinguish the need for future repair jobs. We are the tried-and-true experts of retaining walls in North Vancouver!



Our professional retaining wall installers are the pros that know how to get the job done. We are quick and effective in installation without missing out on safety and security. Installation is a balance that we are pros in executing on.

VanCity Retaining Walls specializes on all types of jobs—residential, commercial, industrial retaining walls of any size, shape, and material. Regardless of whether your job is for a commercial or residential site, we will be able to design and install the retaining wall that you need.

We can install retaining walls on their own, or we can also couple your retaining wall needs with your other projects like driveway paving or patio paving, among other projects. You can enjoy the fruits of our labor and we’ll leave your property looking beautiful and functional than before with complete cleanup.

You’ll never know we were there!

Our retaining wall installers are equipped with all of the top-of-the-line tools and equipment that exceed the industry standard. With complete training and certification, our team of retaining wall contractors will meet your every need both in terms of safety and job completion.

As we mentioned, upon finishing your project, you won’t even know we were there. You’ll be left with outstanding retaining walls and no trace of any construction whatsoever!


Do you have a retaining wall that seems to be on its last leg? Are you considering having a professional take a look to see if it’s a retaining wall that won’t survive any longer? It’s a good idea and it’s something you should definitely pursue before it’s too late.

If your retaining wall is leaning or caving, a disaster may be in your near future. Any retaining wall showing signs of failure puts both yourself and your property at risk. Address this before it becomes a huge problem— get your retaining wall replaced with VanCity Retaining Walls.

With such mountainous terrain in Vancouver, you need a properly installed retaining wall that is going to provide function and security. Wood retaining walls become prone to decay and damage from the heavy amounts of rain we get in Vancouver, especially if they are not properly treated and maintained; this can ultimately lead to wall failure. Let VanCity Retaining Walls take a look and assess your current retaining wall so that we can replace it and keep your family and your property safe.  


Retaining Wall Services

Types of Services

Now that we’ve addressed areas of design, installation, and replacement, let’s take a look at the different retaining wall materials and types that VanCity Retaining Walls are experts in.

Allan Block Retaining Wall

While there are many different interlocking retaining walls, we specialize in creating the perfect Allan Block retaining wall as well as Allan Block staircase. This is a great addition to functional space on your property and is a very straightforward construction process. The best thing about interlocking retaining walls is that they create sturdy and durable retaining walls. In terms of design, they offer curves and functional space additions, and an interlocking retaining wall can even be integrated with your patio design, which we would be happy to help you achieve.

Wood Retaining Wall

Another great option is installing a wood retaining wall. [VanCity Retaining Walls(about)] knows that properly treated wood is of utmost importance and loading it correctly is also a key element that our retaining wall installers can easily execute on. We can provide a variety of wood retaining walls including railroad tie retaining walls, which offer a beautiful and natural look to any property.

Valley Stone Retaining Wall

A valley stone retaining wall is an incredible option for your property that offers solid, firm blocks that are seamless to install as well as aesthetically pleasing for many property styles. With many options in terms of design and functional space, so VanCity Retaining Walls can work with you to find the retaining wall design that is best for your job.

Lock-Block Retaining Wall

Great option for commercial retaining walls and also for areas on a steep slope. Lock-Blocks are extremely strong and durable, providing safety while retaining the dirt. Generally not required for residential properties. We can happily answer any questions about them if you have any interest.
Retaining Walls

Questions About Your Retaining Wall Project?

With so many options, it’s likely that you may be left with some questions or curiosities about retaining walls! Contact VanCity Retaining Walls today so that we can help you resolve any doubts and help you make the right decisions for your retaining wall North Vancouver.

Our retaining wall contractors are there for you until the last tool is removed from your property and your job is completed; even after, we are happy to help and answer any questions that you may have. You are part of the family when you work with VanCity Retaining Walls!